British versus American Weddings

British versus American Weddings

May has been an exciting month for us here at Tilstone House. Not only did we officially open our doors as Cheshire’s most spectacular exclusive wedding venue, but the upcoming Royal Wedding has given us even more reasons to celebrate the start of the summer wedding season.

With the forthcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just a day away, Britain and America alike have been swept up in Royal Wedding fever. It’s easy to take wedding traditions for granted when you’ve seen them performed countless times, but there are several key factors that differentiate our ceremonies from those across the pond.

Here, we give you the four key differences between American and British weddings.

The Dress Code

You can all but guarantee spotting a variety of extravagant hats and fascinators at a British wedding. Just think back to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s ceremony in 2011 when Philip Treacy’s designs reigned supreme (remember that headpiece that Princess Beatrice wore?). In America, however, elaborate headwear isn’t customary. Instead, black tie is the standard dress code, with women wearing evening gowns and men opting for suits. In Britain, the attire is a little less formal with female guests wearing classic ‘garden party’ style dresses, like those worn at Royal Ascot.

The Speeches

There’s no denying that we Brits aren’t the best at sincerely expressing our feelings and emotions, which is why our wedding speeches tend to be peppered with self-deprecating jokes, mortifying anecdotes and friendly banter. At American weddings, speeches tend to be more heartfelt and sentimental, with the aim of shedding a tear or two!

The Aisle

American grooms tend to face their bride as she walks down the aisle but in the UK, the groom only turns around once the bride arrives at the altar. Prince William and Kate Middleton stuck to this tradition in 2011 – you may remember Prince Harry mouthing ‘right, here she is now’ to his expectant brother!

The Cake

In the U.S, wedding cakes are ordered in every flavour imaginable, from chocolate to champagne. Whilst the UK has adopted this trend in recent years, the traditional British wedding cake is a tiered fruitcake soaked in brandy and covered in marzipan and white icing.


Will you be tuning into the Royal Wedding on Saturday? Remember, if you want to feel like royalty on your own wedding day, we’ve got you covered…contact enquiries@tilstonehouse.co.uk to book your private tour today!