How to plan a hen party on a budget


How to plan a hen party on a budget

Let’s be honest, barring the actual wedding day itself, the hen party is one of the most anticipated events for most of the women (and men!) closest to the soon-to-be bride. Planning this normally falls to the maid of honour and the bridesmaids, but this can be rather tricky when they have a budget to stick to.


So, stop researching those cheap decorations and refrain from panicking – here are a few tips for helping you stick to your hen party budget without breaking the bank.

Advanced planning

Last minute scheduling is going to be very pricey, so planning ahead is key to keeping costs low. The best part about weddings is that they’re announced way ahead of schedule, giving you plenty of time to shop around for the best deals. Bag those early-bird bargains and give yourself enough time to spread the cost over a few months. Last minute deals for hen parties? Yeah, not really a thing.

Low-cost activities


As much as we’d all love that limousine-driving, champagne-drinking night out, sometimes it simply isn’t feasible. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an equally good time with everything toned down a little. In fact, one of the best ways to keep costs LOW would be starting the festivities at home. We’re talkin’ games, photo-booth props & COCKTAILS. Kick the night off with laughs & a few drinks – by the time you head out, nobody will be missing that fancy restaurant that costs too much.

Guest list

This one may cause a few rifts, but it really is worth sitting down with the bride and deciding who she actually wants at her hen party. You’ll be surprised just how cost-cutting it is to tighten up that guest list. Does the bride really need that childhood friend she hasn’t spoken to in ten years? Probably not. Grab her nearest & dearest and plan a hen filled with people the bride loves the most. That way, your budget can stretch further.

Gift planning


Giving gifts is a must for most wedding events and the hen party isn’t much different. However, nobody ever said it had to be pricey. If you’ve been invited to a hen, chances are you know the bride pretty well. A personalised, thought-provoking gift is often the best choice. It’s also a fraction of the cost, but worth so much more in sentimental value. Another idea would be organising a group gift instead, getting your attendees to all throw in a little bit of money to get a big bridal gift without it costing the earth.

There you have it, our top tips for planning a hen party on a budget. No matter what you decide, making sure the bride feels special is key. And having the best night out you probably won’t remember, of course!

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