7 advantages of planning a winter wedding


7 advantages of planning a winter wedding

Unpopular opinion: winter weddings are better than summer ones. Okay, so a winter ceremony might be the last thing on your mind right now as the UK weather is cranked right up, but there are a lot of advantages to having your wedding during the cooler months. Sure, everyone loves a summer wedding, but there are numerous downsides. Wedding fatigue, booked-up venues and – worst of all – humidity, can all play a part in making your summer wedding a heated affair. But as a winter bride you can avoid all of the above and enjoy a gorgeous wedding that everyone will remember.

If you’re unsure about whether to break trend and throw a winter wedding, keep reading and we’ll do our best to convince you. 


1. No humidity

We’re placing this very top of the list because we are sick to death of sweat, frizz, hot flushes and all the hassle attached to the UK’s new summer climate. Okay no complaints here, we love the sun – who doesn’t? But planning a wedding in 30 degree heat? Not the most enjoyable task. One of the key winter wedding perks is the absence of humidity, which both your hair and your makeup will thank you for.


2. No wedding fatigue

Have you ever had one of those summers where you’re at a wedding every other weekend? Almost certainly – it’s a rite of passage. The summer months can get so packed with weddings that your friends and family can start to get a serious case of wedding fatigue. A winter wedding is likely to be one of the only ones your guests attend that year, making it something really special to remember.


3. It’s unique

Leading on from point number two, a winter wedding stands out from a summer one – it’s something different. From your colour scheme through to your flowers, every detail will be unique to the season. Whether you go romantic (lots of white and lush greenery), or rustic (wooden log cabin vibes), your decor will be wonderfully wintery and something a little out of the ordinary.


4. Let it snow

So this one might not happen but if you’re lucky, you might even get a sprinkle of the white stuff on your wedding day. If you do, you can get some stunning wedding photos that’ll definitely stand out from the norm. If you do get snow, remember to pre-warn your guests and prepare for any travel disruption. But hey, how magical would it be if your guests got snowed in at your very own wedding? 

5. More availability, better value

Many wedding venues book up quickly during the summer, meaning you might have to wait a long time to get the venue of your dreams. However, the same locations are often available and for a lower cost during the cooler months. What’s more, as there are generally less functions on during the winter, wedding planners should also be able to focus more attention on your big day. Wins all around! In fact, finding that ultimate winter wedding venue shouldn’t be a hassle at all.


6. Mood lighting

Winter allows you to play with unique lighting styles that wouldn’t work during the summer. Be creative when decorating your venue to add character and create a gorgeous, intimate feel. Think fairylights, chandeliers and lots of candles. Yep, this is your chance to channel Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet and use in excess of 500 candles. Wedding goals achieved. 


7. Cute & cosy

A winter wedding is undeniably cosy. Think faux-fur blankets to keep your guests warm, delicious hot cocktails and a roaring open fire. As the night draws in, your guests will be delighted to be frolicking at a cosy, indoor reception. There are so many different ways to add that cosy feel. Consider offering gloves as wedding favours as a cute extra touch – your guests will thank you on their way home!

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