6 ways to handle pre-wedding jitters


6 ways to handle pre-wedding jitters

So, the countdown to the big day has began and after months of planning, you’re unsurprisingly feeling a few pre-wedding jitters. It’s the moment you’ve been dreaming about for years now, so why the freak out? Fear not – pre-wedding jitters are completely normal. When you’re going through a life-changing event in front of tens (or hundreds) of friends and family, it’s natural to feel a little on edge. If you’re feeling the pre-wedding nerves, take a moment to breathe, relax and take a look at these tips on how to handle the jitters. pre-wedding-jitters-tilstone-house

Sleeping beauty When you’re stressed out, your body needs sleep. While you might be tossing and turning at night, you need to try to get that all-important eight hours. Try relaxing in a warm, bubbly lavender bath and reading a book to help distract your mind. Sleep heals – it’s true that things always seem brighter in the morning. If you’re really struggling to wind down, a glass of red might help your nerves (don’t overdo it!). pre-wedding-nerves-tilstone-blog

Feel the burn Exercise is an incredible way to burn off that extra adrenaline. Pick your favourite type of workout (even if you’re not the working out type), get outdoors and get your heart pumping. Working out helps your body to produce endorphins, which ease stress and help you feel happier. Whether it’s yoga, running or tennis – get your sweat on and your stress out. pre-wedding-nerves-tilstone-house

Picture the scene Life coach advice says to run through the wedding in your head before the big day to help you mentally prepare for the events to come. Try this with your partner, imagining how the day will unfold, from walking down the aisle right through to the reception. This will help you know what to expect on the day so that it doesn’t come as a surprise. pre-wedding-nerves-tilstone-house Sweet memories One way to settle your nerves is to raise your mood by looking back on happy memories. Reminisce on the day you first met your partner, your first date, how they popped the question – these memories will help to put a smile on your face. Why not invite your partner to go through the photos together? It’s a lovely way to strengthen that bond ahead of the wedding. tilstone-house-pre-wedding-nerves

Drink it up Staying hydrated and healthy is crucial ahead of your wedding – whether you’re stressed or not. Ensure you’re drinking at least two litres of water each day so that you have the strength to handle your nerves and keep your emotions in check. The same goes for food – fight the urge to skip meals and don’t gorge on junk food. Treat your body with respect – you won’t regret it. wedding-jitters-tilstone-house

Talk it out

One of the best ways to relieve your tension and worries is to get them out in the open. Share your thoughts and concerns with a close friend or family member, be completely honest and air your troubles. Seeking an outsider’s perspective can often put matters into context, giving you a chance to smile and even laugh about things. Tilstone House is an exclusive-use wedding venue in the heart of Cheshire. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for wedding inspiration, or get in touch via enquiries@tilstonehouse.com to find out more about our venue.